Nathan completed his Diploma in Graphic Design and Art Direction in 2008. After graduating he became an international electronic music producer, he founded a company called Split Screen Media and then AppVenture. He is currently the Head of Design (Design Lead) for FastComm.

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Since I left Red & Yellow I have done a number of things. Here’s how it panned out:

2009 – 2016: The year I graduated, I was signed to a record label where I became an international electronic music producer and toured Europe – mainly Portugal. I also did a dash of freelance design work on the side as well.

2013 – 2017: I founded a company called Split Screen Media which owned and installed large touch screen advertising units in some of the top hotel chains in Cape Town (Tsogo Sun, Protea Hotels, etc) used by a variety of companies to advertise their offerings – like adventures, tours, restaurants etc. This gave the hotel guests an easy way to view and book activities and added huge value to the hotel concierge service. We also partnered with Cape Town Tourism to push the business.

We then traded under a new name when we created an app called AppVenture so the guests could take the experience with them wherever they went.

2017 – 2019: I started working for a new tech and app dev company Fastcomm, positioned as “Design Lead”
I have also done freelance work on the side and started a small design company focusing on web design, development and hosting.