Red & Yellow is about developing careers, and successful organisations.
If you’re a Red & Yellow alumnus, you’re already one step ahead of your peers. To get two steps ahead, you now have exclusive access to our Talent Management service. Our intention is simple: help grow incredible careers by matching the best talent with the many job opportunities that get shared with us on a daily basis. We literally have companies begging us for our graduates.

Since we opened in 1994, our focus has been single-minded: to prepare our students for career success in the real-world.  Imparting knowledge is just one aspect of education. But knowledge – without the know-how to be able to implement, and without the human skills and ability to think differently – means very little. It’s why we continue to produce visionary leaders and innovators who’ve gone on to mega-senior positions around the world, and creators and innovators who’ve had incredible success doing their own thing.

Alumni Talent Management provides us the means to play an even bigger role in your career development (not just on the education side); and offers you access to opportunities that match your skills, talent and desired career path in this highly-competitive job market.

The ‘who, what and how’

  • Who: Exclusive to all Alumni Network members – fulltime and online
  • What: (we need) to know more about you. We obviously have your student records, but we don’t know what has happened since graduation, where your skills and talents lie, and the direction you’re keen on pursuing.
  • How: If you’re keen on being in the ‘consideration pool’ (who wouldn’t be?), please pop over to a short form and tell us about yourself. Even if you’re loving what you’re doing currently, you never know what exciting opportunities come down the line in future.
  1. 2018 Fulltime grads: go.redandyellow.co.za/justdoit
  2. 1994 – 2017 Fulltime grads: go.redandyellow.co.za/tellus
  3. All online grads: go.redandyellow.co.za/careersuccess

Will, it cost me anything?

The short answer: no!

We don’t just educate – we help build successful careers.

Contact Our team if you have any questions.