Through Glenn’s eyes, the future of marketing is clear, he’s got a way of cutting through the cr*p (you’ll see what we mean). Brands are obsessed with building brand trust, but so few of them know how to actually do it — let Glenn illuminate you. As CEO of Sea Monster Entertainment, he knows a few things about augmented and virtual reality; technology that’s creating different and exhilarating ways of connecting people. Learn more about the technology of the future, and why empathy (and common sense) is super important.


About Glenn:
He’s the founder and MD of Sea Monster Entertainment, an animation, gaming and augmented reality business based in Cape Town. This rapidly growing business has delivered animated explainers, TV series, games and apps to many leading agencies, corporates and consumers in South Africa and around the world.

Glenn is responsible for the entire business, strategy, and funding and currently employs a core team of 22 people, plus a network of over 30 service providers and specialist animators and producers. He is also a regular speaker at industry events and conferences.