After the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal broke early last year, data privacy and information governance have become ever more pressing global concerns. Whether it’s a new episode of Game of Thrones being leaked before it airs, thousands of people’s credit card details being stolen or your Gmail account being hacked (or, heaven forbid, your Ashley Madison account), the cyber world has presented a huge range of unforeseen dangers and challenges.

Meet Elizabeth de Stadler, the lawyer who pulls no punches (and hates lawyers), and Founding Director of Novation Consulting. The team is made up of “rehabilitated lawyers” who are putting the human back into risk and compliance management. Get to grips with POPI vs GDPR, data privacy, regulation and legislation in a South African context, and what impact this has on marketers in terms of the way they store and use consumer data.

Moreover, Elizabeth will help you understand the weight of data security in today’s world and give you some handy tips on how to best protect your organisation from the modern peril of hacks.