Critical thinking skills are…critical

In a future where robots and AI will be the new ‘normal’, critical thinking is a skill that will help set humans apart from their artificial counterparts.

It’s why we’ve identified this ability as one of the 10 key uniquely human skills to ensure career relevancy in the future, and what prompted us to weave them into all our full-time programmes and online courses.

The ability to think creatively and critically is the only solution to finding new and innovative ways to conquer complex and challenging problems.

Mainstream education is still not putting enough emphasis on the importance of developing these skills, as Brian Oshiro, Academic Director of EIC Academy, highlights in his TEDx talk, and why it’s imperative that education encourages and facilitates critical thinking.

At Red & Yellow, we believe that developing skills that are unique to humans (until machines catch up), along with lifelong learning, are what’s required to stay ahead of the impending impact of robots and AI.

And Critical thinking is one of the 10 skills we’ve identified – along with persuasion, social intelligence, conflict resolution and more – as essential for career survival in the future. All our full-time programmes and online courses incorporate a focus on developing these essential, and uniquely, human skills.

“Learn to use your brain power. Critical thinking is the key to creative problem-solving in business” – Sir Richard Branson