Congrats on taking your first step towards developing a critical capacity for Creative Thinking. We can’t bang on enough about how important it is, but the fact that you’ve made this move is clear evidence you have the curiosity and desire to learn and grow.

Enjoy this intro into Ideation. If it gives you a taste for ‘more’, our Creative Thinking course – at a very reasonable price-point – is a great place to start.

Ideation is a creative thinking tool and is a brilliant method of generating ideas and solutions for any problem. Start with the video where Carmen Schaefer, Head of our Creative Department, takes you through the ideation process and shows you some brilliant tips and tricks to get the process started.


Now that you’ve seen what ideation is all about, the next step is to download the worksheets for you to start practicing.

  Forced Connections worksheets

  Think Bubbles worksheets

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