This week our featured alumnus is Jonathan Bain, who since graduating from our Certificate in Graphic Design and Art Direction in 1994, has gone on to co-found Bain & Bunkell, an Advertising/Marketing Agency.
Find out more on what Jonathan’s experience at Red & Yellow was like

Q: How has Red & Yellow contributed to shaping your career success?
A: I learned how to really think at Red & Yellow. It was a challenging – occasionally unforgiving – environment. We worked with industry professionals, who ran the studio like an advertising agency. Reviews were frank, great work was lauded, ‘concept was king’. I try to maintain a comparable level of honesty in my own company. It sharpens the creative process, and makes for more rewarding work.

Q: What is the one thing that stands out from your time with us?
A: I came to understand that prima donnas could only succeed up to a point. To achieve success, you need to be consistently useful.

Q: What do you believe is critical for career success in the 21st Century?
A: Being as un-jellyfish-like as possible. In other words, develop a backbone, give your opinion with respect, and try to work hard towards the common good.