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Sponsor a bursary and get first dibs on Red & Yellow’s top 2019 graduates!

“We’re really struggling to find top quality interns and graduates!” This is one of the most common concerns we hear from HR, Talent and hiring managers across South Africa. Red & Yellow receives countless daily requests, across every conceivable sector, for interns and junior resources. Because of our commitment to keeping class sizes small to ensure each of our students receives personal attention, our world-class quality graduates get snapped up early.

How is it that the top marketing-led and creative businesses continuously manage to scoop up our best graduates before everyone else gets a chance? The answer is simple: they think a year (or more) ahead, and sponsor bursaries, to ensure they are first-in-line for the very best grads.

If you’re looking for a Red & Yellow intern for 2018 or even 2019, chances are that you’re already too late. However,  you’re still going to need great young talent in 2020 and beyond, and now is the time to make sure you lock them down. Get in touch now to ensure you don’t miss out!

Here’s how you can make a difference

In addition to securing the best people possible for your business, there are a number of other incredibly valuable reasons to sponsor Red & Yellow bursaries.

Big B-BBEE bursary benefits

Under current proposed new Skills Development targets in the B-BBEE Codes, a total of 4 points has been set aside solely for bursaries for black students at Higher Education Institutions, like Red & Yellow. The target expenditure is now set at 2.5% of the entity’s “leviable amount” (in short, payroll expenses), which is carved out of the current 6% target. The remaining 3.5% must still be allocated to qualifying learning programmes, which may also include additional expenditure on bursaries.

Red & Yellow Bursary Brand Partnerships

We believe that education is and needs to be the driving force behind transformation in our country.

At Red & Yellow we have a social promise that at least 10% of our students won’t have to pay for themselves. Thanks to bursaries sponsored by some of South Africa’s most progressive businesses, this number is sitting at over 17% in 2018, and we’re looking to beat 20% in 2019.

This year, Absa came on board as a Red & Yellow Bursary Brand Partner, sponsoring 10 bursaries and securing 10 bright, future leaders for their Graduate Programme, as well as a range of other incredibly valuable benefits, including:

  • first pick on available bursary candidates
  • first pick on graduates for internships
  • staff discounts on Red & Yellow online courses
  • participation in Red & Yellow student Brand Challenges
  • on-campus speaking, student engagement, and branding opportunities
  • … and much, much more.

We hope you share our commitment to changing the world through education.

We’re extremely proud at Red & Yellow of our nearly 100% post-graduation employment rate, and we work relentlessly to ensure that all of our students start their careers off on the strongest foot possible. Help us make an even bigger difference: sponsor a Red & Yellow bursary for 2019, give another deserving young South African a world-class education, and welcome them into your business when they graduate at the start of their journey to greatness.

What’s coming up

2019 Bursary breakfast briefing

We will be hosting a Bursary Breakfast Briefing in Cape Town and Johannesburg on [DATES] where we will discuss the many benefits of bursary sponsorship in more detail, answer any queries and address any concerns you might have, and provide an opportunity for you to meet our lecturers and even some of our current students. Spaces are limited (as are our available bursary students!), so RSVP now to avoid disappointment.

Cape Town – 12 September 2018 – Red & Yellow School, 97 Durham Avenue, 2nd Floor, Salt River

Johannesburg – 19 September 2018 – Red & Yellow School, JWT, 1st floor, 2929 William Nicol Drive