This year Red & Yellow has affirmed its standing as one of the top tertiary institutions for emerging creatives with 33 Loeries student finalists across a broad section of categories.  Add an additional 14 Pendoring finalists (and this just in… 3 winners announced at Monday night’s awards ceremony) to the mix and one would be inclined to think that winning creative awards is Red & Yellow’s most important focus.  More remarkable, though, is the school’s achievement of completing the 2020 academic year despite five levels of lockdown in a year marked by unprecedented challenges.

The ability to think on our feet and improvise according to the demands of the environment is nothing new to Red & Yellow — a business school which values creative thinking above everything else. “There’s a difference between awards & rewards that is worth noting,” says Heloise Bottomley, Art Direction lecturer responsible for guiding and mentoring several of the student finalists. “Awards are a bright, showy public affirmation of talent and hard work. A reward, however, is looking back over 2020 and realising that despite everything this year has thrown at us, Red & Yellow as a school has not missed a day of teaching and mentoring.”

Head of Full-Time Education Carmen Schaefer is particularly proud of the fact that the student finalists come from diverse backgrounds and all major fields of study. “Our students were nominated for work in four different languages and dozens of categories. This shows that all our programmes are delivering the goods and that we’re preparing students to take on the corporate world in a variety of fields. But what I’m most proud of is the determination and hard work of all our students who refused to let the challenges of 2020 get them down and inspired my colleagues and I on a daily basis.”

The winners will be announced on Wednesday – keep an eye out!

Take a look through some entries below:

And in case you missed it: A press release issued last week announced Red & Yellow as the official education partner to the Loeries in a joint quest to drive meaningful change. The purpose of the Loeries is defined as “It’s more than an award. It’s about doing something. Something big. Something that makes a real difference. Challenging the world. Changing it – from bitter to better, less trending and more mending. Flipping the likes and fixing the dislikes. It’s about making work that doesn’t count views, it changes them”.  A sentiment perfectly aligned with the school’s purpose.