For immediate release, 21 May 2018

The Red & Yellow Creative School of Business has been teaching business leaders to think creatively since 1994. The school has long been committed to its social promise that at least 10% of its students will study for free, and is proud that in 2018, this figure is sitting at 17%.

Red & Yellow is pleased to announce the launch of a scholarship programme that recognises outstanding academic merit and excellent future potential. This is an obvious next step in the School’s mission to teach the leaders, entrepreneurs, creators and innovators for the 21st Century. The scholarships pay homage to five incredible personalities who’ve played a pivotal role in the past, and are available to applicants for the school’s full-time programmes, including Advanced Diplomas, 1-year Certificates and the flagship BA Degree in Visual Communication.

The first scholarship, aptly named the Bob Rightford Scholarship for Exceptionally Creative (Business) Thinkers, will grant one talented human (between the ages of 17-21) full tuition fees for one of the school’s highly sought-after programmes. This student will be recognised as having great talent, outstanding creative thinking and the potential to make a real difference in our world.

Rob Stokes, Red & Yellow’s Chairman, encapsulates the vision and intention perfectly with his comment that, “Ultimately, this scholarship will be awarded to a student that embodies everything that Bob Rightford stood for: passion, enthusiasm and a drive to jump in with the right collection of skills to succeed in a demanding and dynamic industry. Bob Rightford’s legacy is a powerful one and this is an incredible opportunity.”

From the initial batch of applicants, promising candidates will be invited for an interview with the education and management teams. Part of the application process includes a skills test assessment that needs to be completed beforehand. “This scholarship could revolutionise someone’s life,” says Wesley Fredericks, Managing Director. “Bob Rightford, one of the founders of Red & Yellow can be proud to know that his legacy continues – the legacy of changing young lives.”

Students can apply directly through the website by filling out their details and answering four short questions geared to provide the education and leadership teams with valuable identifiers of who qualifies to be shortlisted for the scholarship.

For more information about this opportunity, attend the Creative Workshop at the Cape Town campus on 2 June,  where students get to experience a glimpse of the full Red & Yellow offering. Alternatively, email, get in touch on 0861 878 258 or apply directly on the Scholarship page.