A scholarship that will get you places

Do you have a natural talent? Are you a creative thinker? Are you rocking your grades? Do you want a meaningful career, not just ‘a job’? Then we’re interested!


Our scholarships pay tribute to the incredible people who’ve played a key role in developing our school, producing incredible Alumni that have gone on to become business leaders and shape-shifters around the world.
What is the difference between scholarships and bursaries?

Bursaries are awarded to talented students who don’t have the financial means to study further. (We’re proud to say that in both 2018 and 2019, we surpassed our social promise goal of 10%.) Whereas scholarships are based on merit, talent and outstanding achievements only. Our chance to help bright, keenly ambitious and super-talented young humans realise their full career potential.

How does our scholarship work?

Tuition fees will be covered for five humans, based on 4 criteria:

In 2022 you will be required to pay it forward by working at R&Y for up to 5 hours a week. This may include (for example) representing the School as a student ambassador (on our online Unibuddy platform), helping out at Open Days or helping out in the photography lab. You will not be expected to work for the School during study and exam weeks, but might be needed during the student holidays. You will be expected to log the hours and have them signed off on a monthly basis. 

R&Y founding members Attributes that talk to their legacy (we’re looking for…)
Bob Rightford Exceptionally creative business thinkers
Hazel Pearson A spirit of warmth, generosity, support and focus on always doing what is best for the team
Allan Raaff A relentless curiosity about the world, and incessant need to constantly learn and grow. In Allan’s words: “I am a sponge”
Brian Searle-Tripp Creative dynamos who think differently, challenge the status quo and are able to convey complex concepts in catchy, succinct ways.
John Cooney Strategic thinkers who see the bigger picture, and know how to make it happen.

* This post-grad qualification is only for students with an NQF6 certification

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