Must know digital content creation tactics

Learning how to implement digital content creation for your brand is becoming one of the more essential skills you need to have at your disposal. Whether it’s for organic social media, content advertising, video or other kinds of content marketing efforts. It’s what connects your brand to your audience and leaves those long-lasting impressions that build loyalty and trust.

We’ve asked our fulltime lecturer for our Higher Certificate in Digital Content – Keri Werth – to share some top tips and important content creation strategies. She kindly shared a video lecture she recently did for her students (over Zoom of course) that focuses specifically on the social media advertising aspect of digital content creation. *sidenote: The video is conversational and geared to our fulltime students – Keri makes use of some local slang to convey ideas – but the information presented is valuable and practical

Don’t forget that good advertising also needs great content! And great content needs careful thought and planning to not just engage but create meaningful connections with the audience and drive an actionable behaviour.

Advertising with social media Stories

Snapchat is an entire platform based just off Stories and YouTube has also started incorporating them. However, marketers have been using Facebook and Instagram Stories to great success.

78% of people want brands to use social media in their marketing and communications (source). They also want a more authentic experience with brands. Stories bring these two aspects together (even in advertising).

Insta Stories, in particular, is great for audience engagement, and it’s an ever-growing channel! You can get live data from your audience by asking them questions using stickers and polls – providing you with information and encouraging engagement with the brand. Each Story needs to have some kind of objective, whether it’s engagement, growing your follower count, selling a product, visiting the website, or brand awareness. The CTA at the bottom of each Story needs to reflect that.

Facebook video ads

Video is one of the most powerful content tools you have at your disposal – using them in Facebook advertising is an important strategy to include in your plan. 

Video has the highest engagement rates on Facebook and is used to build relationships with your community. Applying content principles to advertising in this way can help boost sales and other objectives. 

Ideal lengths for your Facebook video ads should be limited to about ten seconds, to maximise audience attentiveness and engagement. They should be branded, and sleek. Try testing with a less formal “selfie” type of video, against a more professional and edited video. 

You’re finding ways to connect with your audience in a very visual way – use Facebook audience insights to learn more about them. Find out what they like, their demographics, their lifestyle etc. Use the information to guide your video direction. You’ve got a very short space of time to make an impact, you need to know your audience well.

Remember to align the CTA for maximum impact!

Check out the video below where Keri goes through best practises, useful tips and tricks and content guidance for advertising on social media.

Another lifelong learning opportunity (online)

If you want to take a deep dive into what makes for successful digital content, check out our one-of-a-kind accredited programme – our National Certificate in Advertising – specialising in Creating Digital Content. It’s delivered fully online, will equip you with the knowledge and practical know-how to build a career in creating content for brand engagement and brand equity.

You’ll start with an introduction to the world of advertising and marketing and the role of content and communication within it, before focusing on how you can conceptualise, produce and use content to make people love your brand. And then to make sure you can deliver, you’ll finish off with how to do project and resource planning for high-impact, highly effective content plans and campaigns.

Using the power of storytelling your digital content creation will carry your brand, your message, your visuals to greater heights.  It’s what will make you memorable, what will drive sales, app installs, engagement and importantly, brand trust and loyalty. Understanding the nuances around creating great digital content and how to use social media advertising is a necessary skill for any marketer to have.