Podcasts are the tonic for our busy modern lives. They can fit into literally any schedule, whether you’ve got 10 minutes to spare or two hours. Stuck in traffic? Listen to a podcast. Need something to listen to while you’re cooking? Need some inspiration? Interested in politics, science, news, current affairs —  there’s a podcast for that. Many are even binge-able, just like your favourite tv show.

In celebration of International Podcast Day, we put together a playlist of staff-picked podcasts for you to enjoy anytime, any place. 

Red & Yellow’s International Podcast Day Playlist 

  1. Reply All
  2. Radio Lab
  3. Hidden Brain
  4. My Dad Wrote a Porno
  5. Women at Work – Harvard Business Review
  6. Forensic Files
  7. HBR Ideacast
  8. Redhanded
  9. Casefile
  10. On Being
  11. Lore
  12. Ear Hustle
  13. Dos a Cero: A Mexico-USA Rivalry Is Born
  14. The Anthropocene Reviewed
  15. Everything is Alive
  16. Code Switch
  17. Social Media Examiner: Social Media Marketing with Michael Stelzner 
  18. Last Podcast On The Left
  19. The Infinite Monkey Cage
  20. Stuff to Blow Your Mind
  21. Poptjop 
  22. My Favourite Murder
  23. Nocturne
  24. 2 Dope Queens 
  25. The Moth
  26. Revisionist History
  27. No Such Thing As A Fish 
  28. Sinisterhood
  29. Survival
  30. The Tim Ferriss Show
  31. Caliphate
  32. Man In The Window
  33. Dr Death
  34. S-Town
  35. Every Little Thing
  36. Dirty John

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