What is a Bachelor of Commerce Degree?

BCom (Bachelor of Commerce) degree, what does it mean? Especially when compared to a BA (Bachelor of Arts)? Given the importance of education, which is the right degree for you? We’re here to help you; focusing specifically on a BCom degree, we’ll give you an overview of the BCom meaning, BCom requirements, BCom subjects and more.

A Bachelor of Commerce degree is an undergraduate degree that usually has a 3-year duration. Essentially a business qualification, a BCom is designed to give students a range of different managerial and all-round business skills like financial management, project management, human resources, accounting and economics. There are various different BCom specialisations, such as a BCom in marketing, business management, accounting or information systems.

BA vs BCom

It’s all in the name, Bachelor of Arts vs Bachelor of Commerce. A Bachelor of Arts focuses on the arts and humanities (languages, linguistics, history), while a Bachelor of Commerce focuses on the commercial side; economics, business and finance. 

Choosing one or the other is entirely up to you and your interests. It’s vital that you’re genuinely interested in what you’re studying as you are far more likely to commit to it and succeed. Remember to not only research your course and the subjects and modules you’re covering, but also the institution you’ll be studying with.

BCom in Marketing

A BCom in Marketing is a great option if you’re equally interested in business and creativity. Marketing is an incredibly exciting discipline, that’s constantly evolving with innovations and developments in the technological and digital space. 

Red & Yellow has launched a BCom in Marketing which covers the essential subjects (accounting, financial management etc.), as well as future-focused disciplines like User Experience Design, visual studies, leadership (and other soft skills)  and data analytics. This spectrum of subjects will allow students to explore a variety of skills, aptitudes and disciplines, opening up a range of exciting job opportunities. To find out more about these opportunities, keep your eyes open for our next blog post.

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