When you see the term BCom (short for Bachelor of Commerce degree), what does it mean? Especially when compared to a BA (Bachelor of Arts)? Given the importance of education, which is the right degree for you? We’re here to help you by unpacking the basics. Focusing specifically on a BCom degree, keep reading for an overview of the meaning of BCom, BCom requirements, BCom subjects and more.


A Bachelor of Commerce degree is an undergraduate degree that usually has a 3-year duration. It is essentially a business qualification, and the BCom is designed to give students a range of different managerial and all-round business skills like financial management, project management, human resources, accounting and economics. There are various different BCom specialisations, such as a BCom in marketing, business management, accounting or information systems.


It’s all in the name! A BA, or Bachelor of Arts, focuses on the arts and humanities (including languages, linguistics, history), while a Bachelor of Commerce focuses on the commercial side of education (including economics, business and finance).

Choosing one or the other is entirely up to you and your interests. It’s vital that you’re genuinely interested in what you’re studying as you are far more likely to commit to it and succeed. Remember to not only research your degree and the subjects and modules you’re covering, but also the institution you’ll be studying with.


A BCom in Marketing is a great option if you’re equally interested in business and creativity. Marketing is an incredibly exciting discipline that’s constantly evolving with innovations and developments in the technological and digital space.

Red & Yellow offers a BCom in Marketing degree in association with Unilever, which covers the essential subjects (including accounting and financial management) as well as future-focused disciplines like customer experience (CX), consumer behaviour and digital marketing, This spectrum of subjects will allow students to explore a variety of skills, aptitudes and disciplines, opening up a range of exciting job opportunities.


Being exposed to Unilever leaders throughout their studies gives our BCom students more exposure on what it’s like to work at Unilever. Ranked yet again as Africa’s Top Employer in 2021, Unilever is widely renowned for its empowering recruitment practices and learning opportunities – as well as a company culture built on diversity and inclusion.

Red & Yellow is all about maximising your employment prospects. Thanks to our longstanding and close ties to the industry, as well as our excellent relationships with leading local agencies and brands, many of our students are recruited even before the end of their final year of study, and 93% are gainfully employed after graduating.

With our qualifications being highly sought-after in the marketing world and among recruiters alike, businesses big and small contact us almost daily looking to hire our alumni and graduates.


Embarking on a BCom Marketing degree in association with Unilever at the Red & Yellow Creative School of Business opens the door to a world of exciting job opportunities. As a BCom Marketing graduate, you will have had unique exposure to industry through Unilever throughout your studies, resulting in incomparable practical skills that let you hit the ground running. Some of the roles you can explore include:

Brand Strategist
Develop strategic marketing plans, define brand positioning, and drive brand growth by understanding consumer insights and market trends.

Digital Marketer:
Create and implement effective digital marketing campaigns, leverage social media platforms, optimise website performance, and analyse data to drive online engagement and conversions.

Market Research Analyst:
Conduct market research, gather consumer data, and provide valuable insights to guide marketing strategies, product development, and business decision-making.

Advertising Account Executive:
Collaborate with clients and creative teams to develop and execute advertising campaigns, manage client relationships, and ensure campaign effectiveness.

Social Media Manager:
Develop and implement social media strategies, curate engaging content, monitor online conversations, and build strong brand communities across various social platforms.

These are just a few examples of the exciting career paths available to BCom Marketing graduates from Red & Yellow. With a solid foundation in marketing principles, strategic thinking, and creative problem-solving, you’ll be well-prepared to make a meaningful impact in the marketing industry and excel in your chosen profession.


Embarking on a BCom Marketing degree at the Red & Yellow Creative School of Business opens the door to a world of exciting job opportunities. As a BCom Marketing graduate, you can pursue diverse career paths in the ever-evolving marketing industry. Whether you aspire to be a brand strategist, digital marketer, market researcher, or social media manager, Red & Yellow equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in these roles. With a curriculum tailored to the demands of the creative industry, you’ll be prepared to tackle marketing challenges with a unique blend of business acumen and creative thinking. Red & Yellow’s strong industry connections and reputation also provide access to internships, job placements, and networking opportunities, ensuring that you’re well-positioned to launch your career in marketing and make your mark in the business world.

Fusion of Business and Creativity:
At Red & Yellow Creative School of Business, studying a BCom degree goes beyond traditional business education. It is a unique blend of business principles and the power of creativity. Red & Yellow recognises that creativity drives innovation, and by integrating it into their curriculum, they empower students to approach business challenges with fresh perspectives and unique solutions.

Specialisations in Creative Fields:
One of the key advantages of studying a BCom degree at Red & Yellow is the opportunity to specialise in creative fields that align with your passions and interests. Whether it’s marketing, advertising, design, or communications, Red & Yellow offers a range of specialisations that allow you to focus on the areas that ignite your creativity. This specialised knowledge positions you as a sought-after professional in the creative industry.

Industry-Immersive Learning:
Red & Yellow takes pride in its industry-immersive approach to education. Their faculty consists of industry experts who bring real-world experiences into the classroom, providing students with practical insights and knowledge. Through case studies, projects, and hands-on learning, you will gain a deep understanding of how the business world operates and be better prepared to tackle real-life challenges.

Creative Collaboration and Networking:
Studying at Red & Yellow opens doors to a vibrant and collaborative community of creative minds. You will have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with fellow students, faculty, and professionals in the industry. This networking ecosystem offers invaluable connections and support systems that can enhance your learning experience and open doors to exciting career prospects.

Entrepreneurial Mindset:
Red & Yellow encourages an entrepreneurial mindset and nurtures the spirit of innovation and enterprise. As a BCom student, you will be exposed to entrepreneurship modules, where you can develop your business acumen and explore the world of startups and ventures. Red & Yellow provides a supportive environment for aspiring entrepreneurs, offering mentorship, resources, and opportunities to turn your ideas into reality.

Alumni Success Stories:
The success stories of Red & Yellow alumni speak volumes about the quality of education and career opportunities the institution provides. Graduates from Red & Yellow have gone on to excel in various creative and business fields, making their mark as industry leaders and innovators. By choosing Red & Yellow, you join a prestigious network of alumni who can serve as mentors and collaborators throughout your career.