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Part-Time Advanced Diploma in Copywriting

Introducing a 2-year NQF 7 Part Time Advanced Diploma in Copywriting that will sharpen your mind, your pen and your writing skills. Developed by our experienced and award-winning academic team with years of industry knowledge, this programme goes well beyond just “copywriting” – it teaches you to think conceptually and creatively in order to become a strategic thinker, content developer, idea incubator, and an author of brand stories.

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This course is also available as a full-time course:

Learn to communicate with tomorrow’s audiences

Everyone can write but only a few can write in a way that makes people take note or influence behaviour. This programme is aimed at people with the desire and talent to express their innate creativity, conceptual thinking and love of communication. It encompasses all the relevant theory but also has a strong practical element to deepen your learning experience and achieve the best outcomes. With our practical and future-focused approach to education, industry connections and ever-evolving programme content, you’ll be an experienced, sought-after creative and industry-ready copywriter within 24 months. Over this period, you’ll study online, with a two-week on-campus immersion period.

Acquire tomorrow’s skills

Learn the tools of the trade and how good copywriting cuts through the noise in today’s oversaturated media.

Learn from top talent

This Advanced Diploma is built and taught by multi-award winning copywriters whose work has been recognised across the globe.

Think outside the box

This Advanced Diploma is ideal for tomorrow’s creative copywriters, communicators and content creators.

Elevate your career

Be recognised with an industry centric Red & Yellow Advanced Diploma, giving you a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills.

Red & Yellow Advanced Diplomas are made to future-proof your career

Each of our Advanced Diplomas is packed with the most up-to-date and practical knowledge that is designed and taught by cutting-edge industry experts. They’re created to elevate your career to help you stay ahead of the curve and do your best work.

What you’ll learn:

  • All the theory and insights behind creative strategies, including marketing communications principles, research and insights analysis and critical thinking.
  • How to master brand storytelling and transmedia narration, and flex your content marketing muscle at consumer touch points across traditional media platforms.
  • How to integrate brand communications across all media channels.
  • Business and visual communication skills, including the future of copywriters in the industry.

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Content Creator

Content Manager


Meet your course creators:

This course was created by, and benefits from, our full-time lecturers’ years of experience in the field – both in lecturing and in industry. They know how to nurture talent and bring out the best in students, resulting in many award-wins over the years.

Di Charton

Senior Lecturer

Di embodies purpose over profit, having stepped aside from a successful career in the advertising industry to fulfil her passion of shaping the minds of tomorrow.

Di strives to empower and educate the SA marketing communications industry through a myriad of traditional and digital platforms.

With a unique combination of marketing, leadership and engineering experience, Di brings a multifaceted approach to using marketing trends and insights to innovate and empower the industry as a whole.

Craig Strydom

Senior Lecturer

Craig Strydom is an interdisciplinary communications specialist bringing 25 years of industry experience on two continents and three countries to bear on an evolving life as an educator. As a copywriter, he’s won awards in New York, London and Johannesburg, including One Show, London International Advertising Awards, and the New York Festivals.

He is also the co-author of the book ‘Sugar Man: The Life, Death and Resurrection of Sixto Rodriguez.’

“Thank you Team Red & Yellow for the knowledge. It’s only been a few months and I can see a difference in the way I think regarding advertising and marketing in the digital realm.”

Nadine Botes

Ogilvy – Senior Creative Specialist in Retail Marketing and Advertising