Dawn is a dynamic businesswoman who revolutionised the car industry – as former CEO of Imperial Group’s car rental division –  before becoming the first female judge on MNet’s Shark Tank.

She is currently Executive Director of  Over the Rainbow, amongst other initiatives, and invests her time in helping people build efficient, scalable and profitable businesses. We managed to grab a few minutes out of her busy schedule to pick her brain on what is needed to transform a good idea into a great business. Her advice applies to everyone in business today, and in particular, to any bright sparks needing to know how best to pitch their idea to improve their chances of success, be it funding or buy-in. In this video she shares her wisdom and insights, a side story about Richard Branson; and then for the first time, we’ve included ‘outtakes’ that will make you giggle.

Dawn played an instrumental role in contributing her valuable insights and experience to our Entrepreneurship in Action course, together with 3 other industry leaders. So if you like this video, just imagine how jam-packed this 10-week course is with key learnings, valuable strategies and tactics, video lectures by all the key contributors, and so much more.  Then imagine how these skills could boost your career.

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