For Immediate Release: 16 January 2018
Advanced Diploma User Centered Design | on Campus at Red & Yellow | design UX

The Red & Yellow Creative School of Business has launched a groundbreaking 1-year Advanced Diploma in User Centered Design at an NQF Level 7.

The first of its kind, Red & Yellow’s 1-year Advanced Diploma has been designed for any graduate driven by the conviction or frustration that something can be done better. The programme focuses on equipping graduates with not only the knowledge of user experience (UX) best practices and design but importantly also an understanding of human behaviour and conceptual thinking. Creating a great user experience across all brand touchpoints has become a critical function across many industries as customer-centricity becomes a business imperative, this programme gives the student the skills they need to become a master of User Centered Design.
User Centered Design ensures that the solution to any problem revolves around human needs first. It asks the questions: Who are we designing for? What are their specific challenges? What solution will best suit their needs? Only then does it tackle what technology should be used to enhance the process or product.

Nikki Cockcroft, CEO of Red & Yellow, proudly commented, “As a leader of many digital businesses over the years, I’m used to responding swiftly to trends and changes in the market. Now that my focus has shifted to education, I can put all my energy into my passion for making sure the best people enter industry. I believe that this programme will deliver on our promise to prepare humans for career success in the 21st Century.”

This Advanced Diploma is another powerful offering in the School’s plethora of online short courses and full-time programmes which include the flagship BA Degree, Advanced Diplomas and Certificates. Jeandri Robertson, Education Manager, said, “It’s exciting to have something that so tangibly supports our vision to shape well-rounded professionals who understand human behaviour. This need for the human element is not a trend, it is a truth that is here to stay.”

Integrating the four faculties of Management Studies, Marketing, Human Studies and Creative Production into all programmes and courses, Red & Yellow are preparing students with the commercial logic and creative magic that will set them apart. With a legacy of close to 25 years, the school has proudly produced alumni who have gone on to become business and industry leaders. growing successful organisations worldwide.

The Red & Yellow School invites applicants to register and apply before the 30th January. There are limited spaces available for this ground-breaking programme.