The importance of creative thinking for career success

Uno de Waal, founder and owner of Between 10and5, sat down with us this week to talk about the importance of creative thinking for career success. Uno has worked in the digital space for more than 10 years and now runs South Africa’s largest online creative showcase. This was the result of hard work, a great team and creative thinking.

We asked him questions like, what is the importance of creativity in this digital age we live in? How has creativity helped your career? Can you connect the dots between what you studied and where you are now? Do you think education is doing enough to teach people about innovation?

He talks about the pressure that creatives are facing when it comes to problem solving in a world that is increasingly being automated. He emphasises how creativity and art can be applied to different fields and opens up new perspectives.

Uno reinforces our own belief in lifelong learning, in saying that lifelong learning is a way of thinking rather than having to go out of your way to learn. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this so drop us an email.


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