“The great power of poetry is its ability to distil thought, observation and emotion into a form that moves us profoundly.”

From Homer to T.S Eliot, Benedict Wallet Vilakazi to Keorapetse Kgositsile, Rupi Kaur to Saul Williams — poetry is very much alive.

The ancient art form has been around since the beginning of human history; as long as music, oral traditions, painting, writing and all the rest of it. Historians believe that the traditionally rhythmic, repetitive structure of poetry became the foundation of the art form so that longer tales could be remembered and retold more easily.

Since its birth, poetry has helped us find a voice, or find comfort when we struggle to express ourselves.

Read about poems for every stage in life, written by Chris Riddell, and share with us (@RedandYellowEd) what poem has brought you contentment or solace in your life.

Humans speak about 20,000 words a day. But how many Kaurs and Keats are out there, able to take a handful of words we all know so intimately and give them new, significant meaning? Being able to craft and convey a compelling message is a critical skill.

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