Digital Content and Copywriting



Starts: 10 February 2020
Registration Closes: 07 February 2020

10 weeks

  • Red & Yellow Certificate of Completion

ZAR 14 900

Content is a critical part of any marketing strategy, and businesses that fail to recognise its importance will be left behind. The 10-week Digital Content and Copywriting course covers the strategic copywriting and content creation skills necessary to plan, create and implement an effective digital content strategy.

At the end of this course you will be able to set up a content marketing plan and manage communities across various platforms and channels with the end goal of building strong, trusting brand-consumer relationships. 

THE RIGHT MIX to produce well-rounded professionals

The ideal combination of Management Studies, Marketing, Human Studies and Creative Production is integrated into all our courses, with a strong focus on developing essential human skills. This produces individuals with the commercial logic, understanding of human behaviour and creative magic to make a meaningful difference and grow successful organisations.

This course is perfect for:

  • Copywriters who want to learn how to write for the web
  • Aspiring content marketers, traditional marketers and entrepreneurs
  • Small business owners who rely on content to promote their brand
  • Community Managers


The course is made up of 8 practical modules:

  • Module 1: An Introduction to Digital Content
  • Module 2: The Basics
  • Module 3: Content Planning
  • Module 4: Copywriting Basics
  • Module 5: Copywriting for Media
  • Module 6: Community Management
  • Module 7: Managing Up
  • Module 8: Optimisation


  • Understand your online audiences, where they are, what they want and how to engage with them.
  • Learn how to create engaging content that generates a true value exchange with your customers
  • Become proficient at managing communities effectively
  • Produce a portfolio of various content types like podcasts, blogs, web copy, social media content etc
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