Content creation for social media – a how-to guide

social media content creation

Social media content creation is a many-faceted thing. It feeds into digital content creation as a whole, includes video creation, copywriting, podcasts, blog posts and a host of other types of content. The most important thing to remember always? Your audience.

Content creation is generating ideas that appeal to your buyer persona, creating written or visual content around those ideas and making that information accessible to your audience.

If you aren’t giving your audience content that they can relate to, that inspires them or educates them and/or adds value to THEM…your efforts are not going to go far. 

Content is a large part of your everyday life, and so is social media. It makes sense to combine the two, and potentially make social media your biggest focus.

We’ve got you covered on the social media content side of things in our PDF  guide, but what about digital content creation? What about video creation, and other types of content?

Digital content creation

A well-planned multichannel approach will bring you the best results in any kind of content marketing, and applies to social media marketing too. Your content strategy should have a large focus on digital content creation, but also focus on other more traditional types of marketing where possible. 

With the current demise of traditional media,  most content marketing tends to happen on digital platforms, so the more you can tap into your audience the better. 

Your branded content does its best work when it serves a purpose – to attract, engage, educate and delight current and new prospects and customers, bring new visitors to your site, and generate revenue for your company. If the content comes from a trusted source, it’s been proven that content marketing provides 4X the ROI of traditional marketing spend. Remember – content creation is not just copywriting

Types of digital content to consider:

  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Social media posts
  • Ebooks
  • General copywriting

Video creation

When it comes to social media, video content is a favourite. The social platform algorithms LOVE video, and give a higher rating to this type of content, meaning you are more likely to get higher engagement, which results in wider reach and increased brand awareness. 

Creating great content can be done more easily via video because it is naturally more engaging, is easier to be more creative, you can edit and cut it up for multiple uses meaning that you’re able to use the same video in multiple ways: social media, email, website etc.

Things to consider for video creation:

  • What platforms are you going to use to publish your video
  • Time needed to create and edit 
  • Editing tools
  • What are you going to use to record 
  • Transcribing your videos so people can skim the copy and then watch the video if they prefer
  • How are you going to engage with your viewers after you have posted your videos on social media

One last important thing to mention for any social content: use relevant tags in your posts. This will let people know what your content is about. It will also allow you to join in conversions that are attached to those tags. Choose wisely and don’t jump on anything that is not relevant, no one likes that. 

Download the PDF guide to get more in-depth information on social media content creation. 

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