Operational Finance



Starts: 24 August 2020
Registration Closes: 21 August 2020

10 weeks

ZAR 13 500

Operational finance for non-financial managers

Know “what to look for”, “where to find it”, and “how to analyse” financial data. This gives you an edge and enables you to make more strategic decisions and have informed discussions. This unique and creative course unpacks the fundamentals of finance.  The material is also easy to understand, concise and spread over 10 weeks. It speaks to operational finance for non-financial managers.

This is one of the most essential management skills and is addressed in a punchy, online format. The focus is to help new (and not-to-so-new) managers get to grips with critical principles of finance. This is also how successful businesses, projects and teams are built.

Learn from leading industry experts and meet your course lecturer

Professor David Flynn was the perfect choice to co-create content with Red & Yellow.  His approach speaks to Red & Yellow’s conviction that ‘learning’ needs to keep pace with ‘life’ and be highly relevant to current industry needs.  This will help ensure that you are prepared for the future.

He comes with an impressive academic track record – Professor and Head of Department of Accounting at UCT, and Visiting Professor at Rhodes Investec Business School. He’s been involved in the industry, as Head of Research at Old Mutual and Director and COO at Velocity Asset Management. He’s also published and presented many academic papers. The one that caught our eye was “A model for techno-academic balance”, which he wrote in 1988 for the SA Journal of Higher Education.


The reality is that AI and robots will replace many of the jobs we know today. The likes of NASA and Google are already ahead of the game in their early recognition of the importance of ‘soft’ skills. Our courses and programmes are designed to prepare humans for this unknown world, by combining topic-specific knowledge and know-how, as well as a selection of the 10 uniquely human skills we’ve identified that will set us apart from ‘robots’:

Creative thinking, leadership, empathy, conflict resolution, critical thinking, adaptability, social intelligence, persuasion, negotiation, mindfulness

This course includes:

This course is perfect for:

People who need a more thorough understanding of the commercial aspects of business, and what drives decisions that lead to profitable and sustainable outcomes.

Specifically, people who:

    • Specialise in skillsets other than finance or accounting - HR managers, who often have to do bookkeeping in smaller companies
    • Marketing managers
    • Production managers
    • Junior bookkeepers
    • Strategic decision-makers who need to understand finances and financial forecasting.
    • Have previously studied finance and accounting, and require a refresher.
    • Have recently been promoted to a management position and are now in charge of a team that impacts on the bottom line .


We’ve designed this course for the true working professional - so after 4 deep-dive modules, you get 5 full weeks to do your research project and put into practice all the theory you’ve learnt:

  • Module 1: Introduction to finance
  • Module 2: Financial reports and statements
  • Module 3: Interpretation and analysis
  • Module 4: Forecasting and planning


At the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Understand how to read, interpret and analyse financial data
  • Be able to forecast and ascertain financial health
  • Make strategic investment and business decisions
  • Understand the procedures and considerations in the budgeting process
  • Develop the ability to think critically and ask the right questions
  • Know how to avoid cognitive biases that all humans fall prey to


To qualify you need to meet the following requirements:

Nothing other than a need for finance to be demystified in a way that makes sense to you (as a non-finance person); the knowledge of what key financial indicators are important, and the know-how to enable you to apply what you’ve learnt in practice.

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