Our social promise is that at least 10% of all full-time students don’t have to pay for their fees, with their education funded entirely through bursaries. This year, we’re proud to say that 15% of our students were supported by bursaries.

We’re always looking to assist bright young minds; for 2020 we have a number of bursary opportunities available for our full-time programmes.

These full-time programmes include a 3-year BA Degree in Visual Communication, a 3-year BCom Degree in Marketing, three 1-year Advanced Diplomas; Marketing and Advertising Communications, User Centered Design, Copywriting and two 1-year Certificate programmes (Creating Digital Content or Graphic Design).

Bursary sponsorships are also available to corporates looking to invest in young, gifted South Africans. Our youth is full of raw talent, filled with the potential to add a tremendous amount of value to the country in a multitude of ways. However, the unfortunate reality is that many of them don’t have the opportunity to get the education that they deserve. A bursary sponsorship can change that reality.

Bursaries are also incredibly valuable for B-BBEE. Under current proposed new Skills Development targets in the B-BBEE Codes, a total of 4 points has been set aside solely for bursaries for black students at Higher Education Institutions, like Red & Yellow. We make sure that you get talent and training that you need for your business, in a manner that delivers the best ROI bang for your B-BBEE buck.

Looking towards the future, we’ve already identified some incredible bursary candidates for 2020. We urge corporates to sponsor them and help them reach their full potential. Now’s the time to act — they get snapped up quickly.

In addition to investing in someone’s education, you can benefit from a number of Bursary Brand Partnerships for companies who sponsor 2 or more bursaries. In recognition of your contribution, we reciprocate with a range of perks, including:

  • First choice on available bursary candidates
  • First pick on graduates for internships
  • Staff discounts on Red & Yellow online courses
  • Participation in Red & Yellow student Brand Challenges
  • On-campus speaking, student engagement, and branding opportunities
    … and much, much more.

Red & Yellow’s bursary offering is available only to South African citizens and allows a broad range of students to apply regardless of their background or circumstances. “This bursary has given me the opportunity to choose where I’m going — it’s helped me see opportunities I previously would have missed,” said a 2018 bursary student.

Jeandri Robertson, Head of Education commented, “We have an opportunity, as a private tertiary institution, to really make a difference in the education of our country just as we’ve done since we were established in 1994. We’re in a fortunate position to connect businesses and school-leavers in a way to benefits both. What we do is about more than just what happens in the classroom and this is our way of showing that.”

“Our students come from all walks of life – different backgrounds, different languages, different goals – and we’re better off as a business school because of that,” comments Wesley Fredericks, MD of Red & Yellow. “We’re here to teach the greats of the future, and those greats are our students. We’ve been teaching business leaders to think creatively since 1994, and we don’t intend to stop.”

We pride ourself on our unique approach; future-proofing our students by teaching them to harness what makes them human and deepen their learning with a strong practical element. With course content that is constantly evolving, a strong connection to industry and a compassionate and enthusiastic team who genuinely care about their student’s development — investing in a Red & Yellow student is an extremely wise decision for their, and our collective future.

Want to apply for a bursary? Request an application form by emailing bursaries@redandyellow.co.za. We urge you to apply as soon as possible as limited spots are available.

Want to sponsor a bursary? We’re inviting companies to sponsor a bursary and make a real difference to transformation. If you’re interested and would like to sponsor a bursary student, please send an email to bursaries@redandyellow.co.za or give us a call on 0861 878 258.