Empathy is the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of another. The Red & Yellow BCom 2nd year students were challenged to find a South African business that solves a socio-economic issue and conduct research to understand what the business does and how they are contributing toward a better South Africa. The students needed to embark on a journey of discovery to interact with the business, conduct research, and bring back artifacts that best represent their chosen business. Through this, they were able to learn and apply theory to a real business in South Africa and to get a deep understanding of this business. This exercise helped our students identify problems or gaps within the business and to propose solutions based on what the students have learned in class. The Red & Yellow Empathy Museum gives students an opportunity to share their experiences with a wider audience at the annual Red & Yellow student Showcase. This is the first time this initiative has taken place and the experience was both a rewarding and a practical opportunity for Red & Yellow students to apply their learnings to a real business.
Come experience the Red & Yellow BCom Empathy Museum at Showcase kicking off on Thursday 30 November for Industry followed by friends and family night on Friday 1 December. The Red & Yellow UNMATCHED Showcase will be up until Tuesday 5 December.
Each artifact is linked to audio where the students give a brief explanation of their experience and insight from the research. Each student came back with a different experience and a one of a kind piece that cannot be found again. This includes pieces of the most famous buildings and the first samples of products.
One student captured the experience as follows: “This assignment has been incredibly insightful and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I learnt more about not only the business but gained insight into how the businesses are run on a large scale, the importance of values and the business owner’s outlook on the business in the South African context. The brief was really awesome and I had a great experience!”
Student Business Name Artifact Description
Allister Batista Oceano Reddentes Ecobrick (In a Plastic Bottle) Listen to Audio
Nicholas Holt Detiamo Fabric 100% Linen Listen to Audio
Sebastian Boyd In Africa Distribution  Sample of Havanas  Listen to Audio
Liam Kneale Yes! Definitley  Prototype Bottle x2 Original and recent  Listen to Audio
Tyler Welby Solomon Leav Contractors Piece of wall from surgeon walls  Listen to Audio
Summer Thomas Carey Carter Face sculpture on a stand  Listen to Audio
Erin Armstrong Wetland Water Water bottled and cycling Shirt Watch Video
Amy Singe The bean People  The first product the business launched
and the latest. 
Watch Video
James Funston Alititude Skills Develop Logo Frame  Listen to Audio
Thalia Jirachareonkul Listen to Audio
Daniel Martin Cape Joint Surgey Hip Replacements Peice  Listen to Audio
Micheal Dix  Dix Alumnim and Glass Sliding Door Frame  Listen to Audio
Luke Torr Crne Invest Pen Listen to Audio
Kyra Ann Mustapha  House of Valkryre  Stenal for internal clothing Listen to Audio
Matthew Yorke  Caelestis Logistics  67 Kids School Photo Collage  Listen to Audio
Giverny Howorth  As Per Coffee Recyclible Cup + Coffee Beans  Watch Video
Luca Damaskinos Sichiri Eye Straps Eyewear STraps  Listen to Audio
Mieke Smit  CS Health Flo Baby  Pamphlets and Flo Pad and Product Listen to Audio
Michelle  Mlalazi  Tsivianan Center  Poster of the House  Listen to Audio
Cameron Michels  Eden Homes  L Shaped Metel  Listen to Audio
Merai Alhendi Ikhaya Lodge  Art Rock
Eden Smith Green Cape  Article Written Listen to Audio
Dante Bossi Mami Wata Mug
Sean Rosewarne  Lighthouse Solar  Advertiser Poster  Listen to Audio
Richard Anderson Momint Suncash Advert Stikers  Listen to Audio
Hayley Roux  Warren Petterson Planning  Mapotoneer their Project Listen to Audio
Caitlin Barlow  New Bridge  Internal Cable Wire  Listen to Audio
Toni De Swardt  Silistraw  Revesbale Straw  Listen to Audio

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