Maria Tsingos, Red & Yellow’s Campaign Manager, speaks to her experience of being a woman working in digital marketing and tells you what it’s like to easily upskill through online education.


In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is paramount. As Red & Yellow’s current campaign manager, I’ve seen firsthand how much knowledge and practical skills are needed to keep up with ongoing changes in all things digital. 

Throughout my day to day work I often encounter challenges when it comes to newly introduced technical hurdles. These can be anything from navigating Google’s new analytical property, called GA4, to their redesigned ad platform structure. And for anyone who works in the performance marketing or paid media space, you’ll know that the only constant is change.


Red & Yellow is known for their Full-Time offerings, and I was excited to learn more about their online short courses which I could study while working. Knowing the skills I needed to gain in my field, I embarked on a transformative learning journey and enrolled in their Performance Marketing online short course. Focused on the intricacies of Google advertising, this course not only deepened my understanding of the advertising platform but also empowered me as a woman navigating the dynamic realm of digital marketing.

In a world where digital marketing strategies can change overnight, equipping oneself with the latest tools and techniques is essential. The course’s centerpiece was a comprehensive exploration of Google advertising — an integral part of modern marketing strategies. From the fundamentals of Google Ads to advanced campaign optimisation strategies, the course left no stone unturned. I was guided through the intricacies of ad formats, the power of audience targeting, and the art of analysing campaign metrics. This holistic approach ensured that I no only comprehended the theoretical aspects but also gained the practical skills required to excel in the realm of digital advertising.


As a woman navigating a field historically dominated by men, the course’s commitment to diversity and inclusion was heartening. The environment fostered by the instructors and mentors encouraged open discussions and the sharing of diverse perspectives. This approach not only validated the importance of diversity in the industry but also underscored the unique value that varied viewpoints bring to the digital landscape. Red & Yellow has catered to all learning mode requirements and this specific course was designed to provide a hands-on learning approach via an online learning environment – minimising interruption to my day to day work life, allowing me to attend tutorials online, interact, engage and take part in forums and group chats with fellow learners from around the world and submit all assignments and the final research project required via the online portal.

The dynamic learning approach ensured that I not only understood the concepts intellectually but also internalized them through practical application. As I reflect on my transformative journey this course, I am struck by the lasting impact it has had on my professional growth. The knowledge I acquired about Google advertising has already proven invaluable, enabling me to craft more targeted and impactful advertising campaigns. However, the course’s influence extends far beyond technical skills.


Red & Yellow’s dedication to providing high-quality education, coupled with its commitment to empowerment, positions it as a pioneer in the field of performance marketing training. The skills and empowerment gained from this course have bolstered my confidence as a professional and have ignited a newfound drive to contribute my unique perspective to the digital marketing landscape.


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Maria Tsingos

Maria Tsingos

Maria Tsingos is Red & Yellow's Campaign Manager. She specialises in paid and organic media, with a focus on performance.

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