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Performance Marketing

In partnership with global award-winning agency Incubeta, Red & Yellow presents a 10-week online short course in next-level Performance Marketing. Learn the latest skills in targeting the right audiences at the right time to deliver on increased ROI, and gain industry tips and techniques to get results for your brand or business using paid (performance) marketing.

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Our courses are designed to accelerate opportunities and give a boost to your CV. A Red & Yellow Certificate proves that you have what it takes. The feedback we get from the industry is that many HR practitioners move our grads to the top of the applicant pile.

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Studying this course will equip you with the most up-to-date & relevant skills to elevate your marketing.

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This course is ideal for people who want to bring technical digital skills & creative thinking to their paid marketing.

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Our lecturers have spent decades working in the industry and know what it takes to make your career soar.

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Be recognised with an industry centric Red & Yellow certificate, giving you a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills.

Get a certificate that’ll give you a competitive edge.

This course will teach you how to use digital channels and platforms as a powerful promotional tool by targeting the right audiences – based on demographics, occupation, interests and locations.

What you’ll learn:

  • The difference between paid search and programmatic display advertising
  • How to align paid media with your digital marketing strategy
  • How to use and get the maximum benefit from the Google stack (Marketing Platform, Analytics 360, Search Ads 360, data studio, Google shopping platform)
  • To gain insights from tracking and analysing data to optimise and improve campaign performance
  • How to set-up, implement, track and optimise effective campaigns in the Google Marketing platform

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Course curriculum:

Module 01

Digital Paid Media Strategy

Module 02

The Basics of Paid Search

Module 03

Advanced Paid Search

Module 04

Programmatic Display

Module 05

Display Details

Module 06

Tracking and Tagging

Module 07

Optimisation and Bid Management

Module 08

Google Marketing Platform

Meet the course designer

This course was created by, and benefits from, our full-time lecturers’ years of experience in the field – both in lecturing and in industry. They know how to nurture talent and bring out the best in students, resulting in many award-wins over the years.

Carmen Schaefer

Head of Academics

Carmen began her career as a graphic designer in the fast-paced world of advertising. Since then she has been lucky enough to have been involved in the education of South Africa’s most talented young creatives for the past 20 years. She currently leads the academic team at Red & Yellow and is committed to growing Red & Yellow into the most creative business school in the world. She also authors the annual employability report.


Knowledge Partner

Logo Incubeta

Incubeta is a digital marketing partner built to help businesses upgrade their growth. With over 800 professionals working in 22 offices worldwide Incubeta is an international team of experts in marketing, technology, ecommerce, data and creative.

Incubeta is ready to unlock the power of digital and amplify growth through combining capabilities across the full spectrum of digital disciplines, delivering standout outcomes at every brand touchpoint. With 20+ years of experience in the digital space, Incubeta puts the ownership and control of the customer experience back in the hands of the advertiser.

“Thank you Team Red & Yellow for the knowledge. It’s only been a few months and I can see a difference in the way I think regarding advertising and marketing in the digital realm.”

Nadine Botes

Ogilvy – Senior Creative Specialist in Retail Marketing and Advertising