Digital Marketing



Starts: 15 January 2018
Registration Closes: 12 January 2018

10 weeks

  • CPD Points: 60
  • SABPP Accreditation

ZAR 13 100

This 10-week online course, run in partnership with USB-ED, is designed to kick-start or consolidate your digital marketing knowledge using the latest in online learning techniques and expert-reviewed content. Get the cutting-edge knowledge and practical skills you need to implement an effective digital marketing strategy for your brand.

‘Top up’ your online learning with our exciting, new on-campus Digital Marketing Live workshops

This is your chance to get up close and personal with 8 business gurus who’ll bring the theory to life by sharing lessons, learnings and insights they’ve gained about digital marketing, and the role it played in making them so successful.


The course includes 8 practical modules and assignments, as well as a final research project:

  • Module 1: Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Module 2: Creating your Digital Assets
  • Module 3: Working with Digital Assets
  • Module 4: Advertising – Search and Display
  • Module 5: Direct Marketing & CRM
  • Module 6: Content Marketing
  • Module 7: Social Media & Social Advertising
  • Module 8: Optimising your Digital Campaigns


You'll be able to

  • Gain the latest practical skills that you can immediately implement
  • Understand the digital customer and design customer experiences
  • Understand how to use SEO and copywriting to enhance your digital assets
  • Learn to implement social media, social advertising, & content marketing
  • Use paid media to increase brand awareness and reach
  • Learn to implement UX best practices
  • Know how to effectively use mobile channels & apps in your strategy
  • Use data to drive business insights & innovation
  • Measure digital campaign success using web analytics and data