Design Thinking



Starts: 03 February 2020
Registration Closes: 31 January 2020

10 weeks

ZAR 13 500

All we’ve been hearing about lately is “design thinking”, yet most people don’t even know what it means. Design Thinking is about transforming the way you think to discover innovative solutions to complex problems. This course will teach you how to be more pragmatic in your skills and approach. Within 10 weeks you’ll have grasped the concept and practice of design thinking and be able to apply to everything you do.

Design Thinking is a critical skill for outperforming competitors, capturing new markets, and innovating for future success and sustainability.

Our knowledge partner for this course, Nevo Hadas is a partner and co-founder of DYDX (formerly &Innovation), a digital transformation and innovation consultancy that uses Design Thinking to solve tough business challenges for a diverse array of clients.

He works with global leaders to unlock innovative concepts and develop powerful digital products and services for consumers and businesses in emerging markets.


This course is perfect for:

  • Small business owners who need a competitive advantage without spending millions on tech.
  • Anyone who works on a team that needs to solve business challenges.
  • Managers who want to encourage a culture of innovation.


You'll learn:

  • The design thinking process, tips and techniques
  • How to successfully ideate to unpack all possible solutions
  • An empathy-led approach to best understand the user
  • How to prototype and test to get to the best solution
  • How to achieve a design thinking mindset for future success


At the end of the course, you'll:

  • Have a thorough understanding of the importance of building empathy with the users
  • Techniques to reframe the problem from diverse angles and the value of swift prototyping and testing
  • Determine the solution most appropriate for market needs
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