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National Certificate in Business Analysis

In the modern business environment – characterised by a high level of complexity and a demand for efficiency – many businesses recognise the importance of effective systems for elevating the business and addressing business needs. This accounts for the increasing demand for business analysts who are able to analyse critical problems and challenges within organisations and develop efficient, technology-driven solutions and systems to address them.

This National Certificate will take you through the business analysis process – from A to Z – empowering you so that you are able to develop innovative solutions that will give your business a competitive advantage.

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Use data, critical thinking & creativity to become a business leader of the future

Good business begins with having all the right tools for success.

This 15-month National Certificate in Business Analysis is designed to equip you with the skills you need to analyse a business’s context, identify problems or opportunities, and develop innovative, technology-based systems and solutions to address or capitalise on them.

Acquire tomorrow’s skills

Equip yourself with the industry’s most sought after business analysis toolkits, based on the latest info & case studies

Learn from top talent

This National Certificate is taught by industry experts with years of experience in business leadership

Unleash your creativity

Build a career of note with the latest innovative and up-to-date skills that will shape tomorrow’s industry

Elevate your career

Be recognised with an industry centric Red & Yellow National Certificate, giving you a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills.

Red & Yellow qualifications are made to future-proof your career

Our qualifications are designed to accelerate opportunities and give a boost to your CV. Top businesses across industries recognise Red & Yellow graduates as having the practical skills and the theoretical background to hit the ground running with confidence and creative flair.

What you’ll learn:

  • Conduct a thorough business analysis to isolate problems, single out root causes and identify areas for action and improvement.
  • Map out and document user requirements within the business.
  • Develop innovative and impactful solutions (‘business cases’) based on the results of your analyses.
  • Outline the functional specifications of a systems-based solution.
  • Monitor the implementation of the solution to ensure quality and efficiency throughout the project lifecycle.

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Explore your career options:

Module 01

Business Analyst Manager

Module 02

Data Analyst

Module 03

Information Security Analyst

Module 04

Quantitative Analyst

Meet your team:

This course was created by, and benefits from, our full-time lecturers’ years of experience in the field – both in lecturing and in industry. They know how to nurture talent and bring out the best in students, resulting in many award-wins over the years.

Di Charton

Senior Lecturer

Di embodies purpose over profit, having stepped aside from a successful career in the advertising industry to fulfil her passion of shaping the minds of tomorrow.

Di strives to empower and educate the SA marketing communications industry through a myriad of traditional and digital platforms.

Thabo Djoye

Business Analyst at Takealot

Thabo Djoye is a dedicated Business Analyst in the Retail industry, bringing a unique blend of technical skills and business acumen to the table. With a solid foundation in Analytics, thanks to his Bachelor of Science degree, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management, he is adept at analyzing complex data and translating it into actionable business strategies. He is passionate about Business Analytics and Product Management, constantly seeking to learn and implement the latest industry trends. Thabo’s knowledge extends to coding and Business Intelligence, making him a versatile asset in any project.

“Thank you Team Red & Yellow for the knowledge. It’s only been a few months and I can see a difference in the way I think regarding advertising and marketing in the digital realm.”

Nadine Botes

Ogilvy – Senior Creative Specialist in Retail Marketing and Advertising