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National Certificate in Advertising specialising in Digital Marketing

This is the programme for getting a recognised, accredited qualification that will put you on the fast track. You’ll have all the digital marketing skills needed for this fast-paced environment, whether you’re looking to work for an agency, in-house brand team, or run your own business. Our programmes and courses are not easy - but that’s intentional. The industry knows that a Red & Yellow certification proves you’ve earned the right to deliver what you say you can.

Created by leading industry experts, this 1-year NQF 5 qualification is highly respected. With it, you’ll gain world-class knowledge and expertise you need to be an effective and professional digital marketer.

You’ll learn all the fundamentals of the marketing environment, from marketing strategy to how to put your customer first. You’ll engage with the latest successful tactics to bring campaigns to life and understand paid media and the value of reporting and campaign management. Hit the ground running with practical application and start your digital marketing journey today.

“I really enjoyed this qualification. Managed to get 93% and I’m proud of me!
Thanks Red & Yellow Creative School of Business.”

Junaid Jacobs

Publicis Groupe

This programme is also available as a full-time on campus course:

Get an accredited endorsement of these critical, in-demand skills through the convenience of online learning

This fully accredited deep-dive into Digital Marketing will give you industry-relevant knowledge, expose you to international best practices (in the South African context), and teach you theoretical foundations and practical techniques and skills relevant to the digital reality.

Marketing is a dynamic, unpredictable discipline right now. It’s hugely exciting for those with the skills and knowledge for this constantly changing digital landscape, but daunting for those that have been in the field for a while, or are new to the game. Digital has shifted the power balance between brands and consumers, upending conventional marketing tactics that worked in the past, and demanding a very different approach and new skill-set.

There is an increasing demand for specialists who:

  • Understand digital marketing strategy and are familiar with the range of digital tactics available for marketers and advertisers
  • Can schedule and manage workflow for integrated campaigns and projects
  • Can optimise digital marketing initiatives using analytics and conversion optimisation

This course is perfect for:

  • Experienced marketers: needing to add ‘digital expertise’ to their portfolio of skills
  • Future marketers: keen to ‘get into the game’, but lacking experience or accredited proof of their competence due to circumstance or inability to meet NQF-level requirements.

This qualification is built & taught by Digital Marketing experts who have vast experience in the industry.

Understand & apply cutting-edge skills that are designed to future-proof your career.

This qualification is ideal for people who are looking to form the fundamentals for a strong & recognised career in digital marketing

Be recognised with an industry centric Red & Yellow qualification, giving you a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills.

Red & Yellow courses are made to future-proof your career

Our courses are designed to accelerate opportunities and give a boost to your CV. Top businesses across industries recognise Red & Yellow graduates as having the practical skills and the theoretical background to hit the ground running with confidence and creative flair.

  • A hard-copy of our globally read 7th Edition eMarketing textbook (worth R950)
  •  An industry-sought-after Certificate of Completion from Red & Yellow
  • Original, relevant, and constantly updated content
  • An interactive online learning experience that includes videos, live chat sessions, forum discussions, and more

Our courses are both current and relevant to the South African context.

Applicable, practical assignments:

  •       So that you can apply what you’re learning to your everyday work life, and your specific business challenges.

Discussion Forums and Chat sessions:

  •       Helping you develop your professional network.
  •       Hosted by your coach, lecturer, or subject specialist.
  •       Ideal opportunities to discuss the content and get answers to all your questions.

Personalized feedback:

  •       Tailored to your individual strengths, and opportunities for personal improvement.

A dedicated team:

  • Acting as your “virtual” support crew whose only focus is to help get you over the finish line.

Course curriculum:

Accredited or Unaccredited?

This can be done as an accredited programme, or an unaccredited course. You’ll need to select upfront and do a little more work to qualify. Here’s an overview, but don’t stress – we will take you through the process.

Accreditation is based on submitting a Portfolio of Evidence substantiating 870 notional hours of workplace learning. This is not as scary as it seems, trust us.

  • The majority of these hours have been factored into the assignments and practical tasks during the year.
  • You’ll need around 160 hours of actual workplace learning, which can be considered as ‘actual time in the field’. If you are employed, you can do this in the course of your normal work. If not, you could consider an internship, or offering your services to an NGO/NPO or a friend’s small business. They will benefit from your new skills; you will benefit from the experience gained. 

Meet your team:

This course was created by, and benefits from, our full-time lecturers’ years of experience in the field – both in lecturing and in industry. They know how to nurture talent and bring out the best in students, resulting in many award-wins over the years.

Carmen Schaefer
Head of Academics

  • 20 years in education
  • Academic Team leader at Red & Yellow
  • Authors the annual employability report
R&Y Lecturer Tandi Plant

Tandi Plant

  • 25+ years in advertising.
  • Managed teams, projects for top agencies.
  • Digital expertise: Nestlé, UX, CRM.
Red & Yellow Creative School of Business

About Red & Yellow

Creative thinking is the most important skill. Artificial Intelligence and robots are going to replace some of the jobs we know today.

Red & Yellow is the business school where talented people go to develop the career skills they need to thrive in this digital world.

Get inspired to study Digital Marketing

Get a full course infopack & a digital copy of our world renowned eMarketing Textbook for free

Uncover every aspect of digital marketing – from data analysis, SEO, and performance to content marketing, social media, and customer engagement – with our 7th Edition eMarketing Textbook.

Up-to-date statistics and eye-opening digital marketing case studies

  •         Deep dives into content mastery, advertising wonders, and the future of advertising
  •         Exclusive insights from marketing industry titans

•         A powerful focus on elevating customer experiences and crafting meaningful engagements

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Marketing and digital marketing, in particular, has created a symbiotic relationship between businesses and their customers. The proliferation of digital tools and the internet has opened a free-flowing, two-way marketing channel into our daily lives. 

Although marketing is a business function, it is primarily an exercise in applied human psychology. The role of marketing is to address customer needs and provide value. In either case, success requires a nuanced understanding of how people think, process, and choose within their environment.

The purpose of a marketing strategy is to reach the brand’s target market and turn people into buyers of the business’ product/s and/or service/s. It uses the business and brand strategy to determine its objectives and then packages the value proposition and offering to the market. The marketing strategy also addresses business and brand challenges or objectives.

An effective strategy involves making a series of well-informed decisions about how the brand, product, or service should be promoted. A brand that attempts to be all things to all people risks becoming unfocused or losing the clarity of its value proposition. It is therefore important to be authentic when presenting your brand and offering to the market – especially in the digital age – because of its reach. Connecting with people should be your number one priority. 

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