Recognised by the Marketing Association of South Africa

MASA approved Online Short Courses

We’re proud to announce that our online short courses have been recognised and approved by the Marketing Association of South Africa (MASA)!

MASA is recognised by the South African Qualifications Authority as a professional body for marketing in South Africa and their “stamp of approval” is an indicator that these courses meet the requirements of the NQF Act.

The body is made up of members who work in marketing positions in South Africa and across the globe and it aims to set standards for the quality of the marketing profession in terms of skills and competence, as well as grow the network of accomplished marketers.

What does MASA approval mean?

MASA’s approval of Red & Yellow Online Short Courses means that they’re recognised as part of the professional standard of the overall South African marketing industry.

When you complete a MASA approved Online Short course, you’re officially recognised by the country’s leading marketing standard. What does this mean for you?

  • You signal to potential employers that your education is recognised and part of the marketing professional standard
  • You gain approved skills that are market relevant and industry recognised
  • You’re part of a growing professional network of top marketers

Online Short Courses

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More about MASA

The Marketing Association of South Africa is an Association comprising marketers and those with a keen interest in Marketing. Through various efforts, they stimulate and encourage the connection, development and education of Marketers. MASA members either occupy marketing positions or have marketing as a central part of their business/position. Therefore, they choose to become individual members of MASA. Members are situated all over South Africa and internationally.

Numerous Marketers have obtained one of their certified designations (CMSA, MPSA, AMSA), and those who have not yet received these designations aspire to do so. These designations are aimed at introducing and maintaining a minimum standard in the marketing profession. The Continued Professional Development (CPD) of Marketers ensures the maintenance of current applied skill and competence.

The Association is approved by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) as a professional body for marketing in South Africa, and the SAQA stamp of approval is an indicator that these professional designations meet the required minimum standards. Through their designations, The Marketing Association of South Africa is well-positioned to grow and develop Marketers and their talent and professionalism within a greater ecosystem. MASA influences/directs the Marketing Industry, which includes Partners and Stakeholders who contribute to their vision/guiding philosophy in various ways.

Their Guiding Philosophy is to engage, energise and inspire the Marketers of today and tomorrow by making a meaningful, lasting difference to how the profession is perceived and practiced.