Payment plans for Online Ed courses

We believe life-long learning is critical for future career success. So we want to make it as easy as possible for you to upskill. All our online courses can now be paid in one fell swoop upfront, or in equal installments.

Short-term options:

CourseDuration1st Payment2nd Payment3rd Payment4th Payment
Digital Marketing: Professional Certification15 weeks6450645064506450
Digital Marketing10 weeks4750475047504750
Digital Marketing: Introduction6 weeks2850285028502850
People Management10 weeks3900390039003900
User Experience Design10 weeks3900390039003900
Operational Finance10 weeks3900390039003900
Project Management10 weeks3900390039003900
Social Media Marketing10 weeks3900390039003900
Marketing 10110 weeks3900390039003900
Entrepreneurial Thinking10 weeks3900390039003900
Digital Content & Copywriting10 weeks3900390039003900
Marketing Strategy6 weeks325032503250
Graphic Design14 weeks4750475047504750
Performance Media10 weeks3900390039003900
Design Thinking10 weeks3900390039003900
Media Management10 weeks3900390039003900
Search Engine Optimisation10 weeks3900390039003900

The first payment is payable upfront to secure your spot on the course. Thereafter the additional payments will be deducted on the first of each month as per debit order instruction.

Next steps:

If you choose the payment plan option, please don’t book and pay using the website. Rather pop your details into the form, and we’ll send you a debit order application form.

Payment Plan Debit Order request

If you have any questions please be in touch!
Look forward to welcoming you to the Red & Yellow family.

Please note that the payment plans do not apply to companies, get in touch with us for alternative payment arrangements.

Long term options:

Red & Yellow has partnered with Learning Loans, an initiative that shares our belief that education is the one thing that can change the world. Its single-minded purpose, as a registered credit provider, is to offer financial support to people who want to improve their lives through education.

Right now, you’re probably thinking “Sounds good, but can I trust them?” In today’s world, one needs to be cautious. We get this. As an institution that launched in 1994, we’ve “been around the block”. So trust us when we say this is the real deal. Learning Loans is a small team with passionate people who believe in the power of education to uplift and change lives. We connect daily to keep us on track and top of things and ensure that future Red & Yellow students have the very best experience, from the very beginning.

Payment plan options:

Course12 x monthly installments24 x monthly installments
National Certificate in Advertising specialising in Digital Marketing2498 ( x36 months)
Digital Marketing: Professional Certification23081282
Digital Marketing1644957
Digital Marketing: Introduction991578
People Management1330767
User Experience Design1330767
Operational Finance1330767
Project Management1330767
Social Media Marketing1330767
Marketing 1011330767
Entrepreneurship in Action1330767
Digital Content & Copywriting1330767
Marketing Strategy1395 (x6 months)766 (x12 months)
Graphic Design1644957
Performance Media1330767
Media Management1330767
Search Engine Optimisation1330767
Design Thinking1330767
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