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  • Account Leadership

    Are you a current or aspiring agency or team manager, looking to drive innovation and create maximum business performance? It starts at Red & Yellow with our 100% online Account Leadership short course, in partnership with Gillian Rightford, Adtherapy Founder & Managing Director.

    Account Leadership for Agency Client Service Professionals is built to equip you with a range of highly practical skills. In just 13 weeks you’ll dial your leadership up by mastering internal workflows, stakeholder relationships, budgets, targets, and other key agency financial metrics. You’ll be able to deliver and sell incredible work, grow revenue and build strong, long-standing relationships with clients.


  • R&Y Online Ed Brand Management Short course product image

    Brand Management

    Creating and growing a successful brand is more valuable in today’s commercial landscape than ever before – are you ready to master the tools to activate and correctly position yours?

    Markets are fragmenting, technology is skyrocketing, and in the face of relentless innovation, companies and individuals must build and manage brands that can ultimately withstand the tides of change. Today, brands are compelled to co-create added value with consumers to build sustainable competitive advantage.

    This course will equip you with the know-how required to identify, position, activate, grow, digitise, and virtualise your brand. You will also learn how to build brand equity and will have opportunities to analyse the brand architecture of well-known local and global companies.


  • Creative Thinking Course Card Image

    Creative Thinking

    Creative thinking is consistently rated as one of the top ten most important skills of the coming decades. Why? In a world changing as constantly as ours, you need to be able to move beyond the way you’ve always done things and approach problems from a new perspective. Completing this Creative Thinking online short course will change the way you see problems in business and lay the runway for implementing better solutions.


  • Data Analysis for Marketers

    Red & Yellow presents a data course made for modern marketers. Understanding data is no longer a nice-to-have – it’s a crucial skill for each and every business in today’s working world. If you’re looking to harness the power of data and information, this online short course will equip you with the skills you need to gather and present data, the elements of reporting and storytelling, as well as how to take data and transform it into actions with business intelligence.


  • Data Visualisation for Designers

    What is data visualisation and why is it more important than ever? It’s an objective visual presentation of figures, findings, or facts, while information design is more subjective and provides an audience with instruction or information in a visually compelling way. This course is built to give you the skills to do both.

    Framed from a strong design angle, this course will equip you with the skills necessary to interpret and transform objective data into visually engaging infographics. Additionally, you will also learn to design infographics with a more subjective nature or purpose, such as instruction. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects licenses included.


  • R&Y Online Ed Design Thinking Course Card

    Design Thinking

    In partnership with digital transformation practice DYDX, Red & Yellow presents a 10-week online short course in Design Thinking. All we’ve been hearing about lately is “design thinking”, yet most people don’t know what it means. Design thinking is not graphic design − it’s about transforming the way you think, build empathy with users, and create and test prototypes before applying novel solutions. Within 10 weeks you’ll have grasped the concept and practice of design thinking and be able to transform the way your business operates and how you make crucial decisions with your users in mind.


  • R&Y Designing for the Metaverse Short Course Course Card Image

    Designing for the Metaverse

    What does the future look like for designers and creatives? To thrive in the Metaverse, you’ll need the tools to create objects and more for new virtual environments. In this 12 week course you will learn skills required to design virtual environments, assets and avatars, and to create a unique collection of digital artworks that you can trade in the Metaverse.


  • Desktop Publishing with InDesign Course Card

    Desktop Publishing with InDesign

    Adobe InDesign is the world’s leading desktop publishing software. Whether you are a burgeoning layout artist, an author, book publisher, or graphic designer, adding InDesign to your box of magic tricks will give you that extra creative edge.

    This course will equip you with the design skills necessary to make your magazine, book, and ePub stand out from the crowd. Learn to apply the principles and elements of design to magazine and book covers to facilitate multiple page use. Design invitations that no-one can decline. Be a changemaker in the design and publishing space today. In this course, your Adobe InDesign license is included.


  • DCC Short Course

    Digital Content & Copywriting

    Content is a critical part of any marketing strategy, and people who upskill in this field are guaranteed to be noticed by top businesses. The 12-week Digital Content and Copywriting course covers the strategic copywriting and content creation skills necessary to plan, create and implement an effective digital content strategy. At the end of this course you’ll be able to create engaging, winning copy and content as well as set up a content marketing plan and manage communities, with the end goal of building strong, trusting brand-consumer relationships.


  • R&Y Digital Marketing Short Course

    Digital Marketing

    Our flagship Digital Marketing course is endorsed by IAB South Africa and has been designed by industry experts to kick-start your digital marketing career. Get all the knowledge and practical skills you need to implement an effective digital marketing strategy for your brand or business.


  • DMPro Course Card

    Digital Marketing Professional

    This “Rolls Royce” of Digital Marketing courses will take you from “competent” to specialist. You’ll gain an in-depth understanding of how to create powerful digital marketing strategies, campaign planning and the strategic implementation that will get you the results you want. Give yourself an extra edge with a sought-after industry-respected certificate.


  • DM Intro Short Course Course Card

    Digital Marketing: Introduction

    Getting your start in digital marketing is easier than ever with Red & Yellow. We’ve made things simple in this 6-week course that’s focused on the fundamentals, and that will teach you how to start planning and implementing groundbreaking digital marketing strategies. Ready to get going?


  • Entrepreneurial Thinking

    In partnership with Over The Rainbow, Red & Yellow presents a 10-week online course built to equip you with the knowledge, skills and know-how to transform entrepreneurial thinking and disruptive ideas into sustainable businesses. It’s packed with everything you need to know to get a new business off the ground – whether it’s your first startup or a new initiative with your existing organisation – and will help you become one of the great innovators of the future.


  • Graphic Design Beginner With Adobe Illustrator

    Graphic Design Beginner With Adobe Illustrator

    Are you looking to make yourself more marketable and build sought-after skills while expressing your creativity? This course from Red & Yellow will set you apart with both theoretical knowledge and hands-on application using Adobe software. With it, you’ll find yourself with a marketable and practical skill-set that’s in demand across industries.

    Include in the Course: a FREE Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud Licence and an e-book so that you can easily master the software.


  • Graphic Design Intermediate with Adobe Photoshop

    Graphic Design Intermediate with Adobe Photoshop

    Advancing your graphic design career starts with building practical skills taught by experts. Red & Yellow’s Graphic Design Intermediate online short course is suited for people with a graphic design background who are looking to tailor their skills for online design. You’ll learn everything from design development for web, generating content (design & copy) and even create a beautifully designed & functional website. Photoshop Essentials with a 3 month license & eBook is included.


  • Marketing 101 Course

    Marketing 101

    Learn to create strategies that are simple to implement and have huge returns, leading to your brand resonating with your customers. This 10-week course has been designed to equip you with the fundamentals of marketing and brand management from a South African perspective. With it, you’ll develop and implement customer-centric strategies that will get you guaranteed results.


  • R&Y Marketing Strategy Course Card

    Marketing Strategy

    The ideal course for ambitious marketers and brand managers. Learn the essential strategic skills to develop a marketing strategy that adds an edge to your business. In just 6 weeks, you’ll know how to master the art of crafting a successful brand identity and use tools that identify the gaps, risks and challenges that impact your business.


  • R&Y Media Planning Course Card

    Media Planning

    This online course packs a hefty punch when it comes to learning about the pros and cons of traditional and digital media channels. Learn what constitutes a robust media strategy, why it’s so important to segment and understand your audience, and how to measure, optimise and report on performance. You’ll get an in-depth understand of marketing channels, learn to apply integrated approaches, defining your audience and how best to connect with them, and measure performance to ascertain cost versus value.


  • Motion Graphics & Animated Content Course Card

    Motion Graphics & Animated Content

    Creating impactful and entertaining visuals for digital platforms is a skill that’s in demand today. This course is designed to give you the theoretical grounding to understand audiences and the practical application of 2D animation and motion graphics to create delightful animated visuals that lead to greater engagement. You’ll learn to create in-demand content like how-to videos, intro videos, explainer videos, animated infographics, and more to use on social media and websites.


  • R&Y Online Ed Short Course Operational Finance

    Operational Finance

    If you’re a marketing, production, HR or other manager looking to develop an understanding of budgeting and financial strategy, our unique, immersive and entertaining Operational Finance online short course is made for you. Having a practical grip of finances is a key skill that can be applied across industries, as you’ll be able to interpret, analyse, forecast and plan important financial data that affects business.


  • R&Y Online Ed People Management Course Card

    People Management

    In the 21st century, the human component is what will define companies that thrive and innovate, and provide the competitive edge. This 10-week course is for leaders and managers who don’t want to take on HR roles but who do want to know how to attract, nurture, manage and retain top talent. Learn about best practices and new ways of recognising and valuing people at work, along with practical ways for positively influencing human behaviour. Tailored to cultural diversity and legislation unique to South Africa, this course will teach you how to manage organisational change, and develop key talent in a way that aligns with 21st century business needs.


  • R&Y Performance Marketing Course

    Performance Marketing

    In partnership with global award-winning agency Incubeta, Red & Yellow presents a 10-week online short course in next-level Performance Marketing. Learn the latest skills in targeting the right audiences at the right time to deliver on increased ROI, and gain industry tips and techniques to get results for your brand or business using paid (performance) marketing.


  • Red and Yellow Product Management

    Product Management

    You may have heard the phrase “most new products fail”, and it’s because of poor product management.

    The principles of good product management extend from physical products to software, and truly excellent product managers know how to connect market needs with brilliant solutions. The result? Products that simply will not and do not fail. With Red & Yellow’s fresh new Product Management online short course you’ll learn how to manage products through each stage of the development process, from strategy and research to marketing and product liftoff.



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